Smart Meters

Smart Water Meters Are Here

Eastside Utility's smart meter investment project for residential and commercial customers to replace nearly 24,000 traditional water meters with new smart water meters has begun. The new smart metering system will provide a more accurate system of data, improving internal operations and external customer service.

The new smart meter technology will provide Eastside customers with consistently accurate bills and more immediate customer information that is based on daily usage data and is able to help customers spot possible leaks or unexpected water usage. This technology minimizes the potential for missed reads, removes inaccuracies due to old and outdated meters that can under-register water usage, and eliminates the need for someone to come onto your property for manual meter readings, increasing the privacy of your home.

How-To Register

To register for the new WaterSmart portal, follow the instructions below or watch the instructional video here.

Step 1:

Visit the new customer portal page, enter your billing account number and service address zip code then click on "Find My Account". Tip: Be sure to use the zip code for your service address and not your billing address if it's different.

Your billing account number can be found at the top of your water bill or you can request your account number by emailing customer service at Please include your billing name and service address with your request.

Smart Portal Registration: Step 1

Step 2:

You will receive a prompt to confirm the account found is yours, and then be prompted to set up a new account. Fill in your email address and a new secure password.

Smart Portal Registration: Step 2

Step 3:

Once you have completed the registration, you will be taken into your new, secure WaterSmart portal.

To receive the most from the new WaterSmart customer portal, we recommend updating your contact information and communication preferences.

Updating Your Contact Information

To update your name, email, password or phone number:

Click on "Settings", then click on "Communicaton Preferences", from the top menu bar.

Click "My Account" from the left under Account Settings.

Smart Portal Registration: Step 3

Updating Your Communication Preferences

You now can view, set or change your preferred communication methods, turn on your leak alert notifications and add additional emails to your account so your tenant or family member can access your customer portal. 

To set or update your communication preferences:

Click on "Settings", then click on "Communicaton Preferences", from the top menu bar.

Click "Bill Delivery Method" on the left under Communication Preferences.


Ready to Register?


What are Smart Meters? 

According to the American Water Works Association, “…smart meters are part of an integrated system of meters and information systems that enable communication between meters and utilities.”

How long have smart water systems been around?

Smart water meter systems have been tested and installed all over the world for over 20 years.

What do smart water meters do and how do they communicate?

Smart water meters allow customers’ meters to reliably and accurately measure the use of water in their home or business. The system automatically sends a brief, private, digital message to a data collection tower using a cellular signal—much like a cell phone does now. It’s a way to more accurately measure and bill for the water that is consumed and to quickly pinpoint leaks and unusual water usage.

Why is Eastside investing in smart meter technology?

Installing the smart metering system will help minimize the potential for missed or inaccurate reads, which we hope will increase trust in the accuracy of every water bill. It will also help us to provide faster service with daily usage data that can be used to help spot potential leaks or unexpected consumption. It will even eliminate the need for someone to come onto your property for manual meter readings, increasing the privacy of your home.

When will my installation occur?

Installations have begun! The rollout will happen gradually across the Eastside service area based on meter reading routes. Expect the completion of all meter installations within approximately 14 to 18 months.

  1. Customers will receive a notice in their Utility Bill about 4 weeks before their new meter will be installed.

  2. A postcard notification will be delivered about 2 weeks before meter installation occurs.

  3. A Door Hanger will be left at your home or business to let you know any important details about your new meter installation.  


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