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Bank Draft: Complete the bank draft form and return it to our office, fax to 
423-490-9516 or email it to

e-Bill Form:  Save the form to your computer, fill out the information using Adobe Reader, then e-mail it to:

High Water Bill Download this PDF for more information.

How Much Water do I use?  Download this PDF for more information.

Servline Protecton Plan - Download this PDF below to learn more on how to avoid costly water line repairs.

BackFlow Testers -  List Located at bottom of this page.

Tips for Using Online Fillable Forms

If you are unable to enter all your information in the form text fields, download the form to your computer and fill it out using Adobe Reader instead. Not all browsers support online fillable form features such as text auto resizing. 

Mac users should also avoid using the Preview App.

Adobe Reader is the only tool that will allow you to properly utilize all the form features. If you don't already have Adobe Reader you can install it to your computer by visiting



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